Advanced proofreading for marketing teams

Operated by English language specialist Matthew Male, Future Perfect’s service fits seamlessly into an organisation’s design workflow and offers an assurance of excellence in written communications.

A track record of success

Future Perfect has been operating for over 20 years, during which time we have worked with organisations of all sizes, in many market sectors.

Not proofreading simply isn’t an option

There’s no doubt that all marketing communications material needs to be thoroughly proofread. So, the key question is: who does it? In many cases, the job falls to the designer or even the person in the office whose English is ‘the best’. Despite the importance of their marketing, surprisingly few organisations engage a professional proofreader.

Checking for spelling isn’t enough

Even professional proofreading can fall way short of the mark. Proofreaders typically check only for spelling mistakes. This obviously needs doing, but there are many other equally bad mistakes in written communications:

  • inconsistency
  • poor grammar and syntax
  • ambiguous meanings
  • typographical and layout errors

So, a document or Web page may contain no spelling errors, yet still be embarrassingly bad to read.

Software spell-checkers and grammar-checkers aren’t good enough

While modern software’s built-in spell-checking tools have improved and are useful, they are far from perfect. For instance, the UK English dictionary in Microsoft Word contains many words and phrases which are really American English – for instance, it doesn’t understand the difference between ‘which’ and ‘that’. The spell-checker in QuarkXpress is especially poor and yet is relied on by most design agencies.

The benefits of advanced proofreading

Future Perfect assesses all relevant aspects of a written piece: spelling, grammar, syntax, consistency and meaning. We can also check documents, before printing them or publishing them on the Web, to ensure that they don’t contain many of the common typographical mistakes which spoil the look and meaning of a document.

As far as we are aware, no other proofreading company offers a service which is comparable with that of Future Perfect.