Perfecting the brand

Organisations invest heavily in their corporate identity, branding and marketing communications. They do this because the investment realises genuine benefits to the business, in terms of sales and shareholder value.

Future Perfect provides a specialist service which enables organisations to maximise the consistency of their communications and to elevate the quality of their brand.

Assessing your external communications

We can undertake a complete and thorough assessment of your external communications media, including:

  • annual reports
  • booklets
  • brochures and e-brochures
  • CVs
  • direct mail
  • leaflets
  • letters
  • mailers and e-mailers
  • menus
  • packaging
  • point-of-sale material
  • presentations
  • scripts
  • speeches
  • training material
  • Web sites

Such material is often created and managed by different teams and multiple external agencies. This, in itself, can lead to not only errors, but also huge inconsistencies. For example, during one review for a leading high-street retailer, we found three different spellings of the same word used in the same store – right next to one another. Such mistakes and inconsistencies needlessly undermine the brand in which you are investing so heavily.

We audit your communications material to assess:

  • inconsistency
  • spelling mistakes
  • grammar and syntax
  • poor typography
  • ambiguity of meaning

We will identify such issues and provide a series of clear recommendations for removing them – and for establishing robust processes which ensure that such errors aren’t inadvertently reintroduced at some later date.

We present our findings as a written report or presentation – and then work with management and marketing teams to implement our solutions.