English grammar support

When busy marketing teams quickly need to know the answer to a spelling, grammar or language question, they can turn to Future Perfect. We don’t just proofread text, we can help others to improve their writing skills, too.

We can provide a coaching service – using telephone, e-mail and video conferencing – to address written communications issues promptly and accurately. Organisations pay for each session, making the service easy to manage.

English grammar coaching

We can help individuals, teams and organisations to better understand and address common written communications issues, by providing:

  • one-to-one coaching for individuals.
  • one-to-many coaching for teams.

It’s often helpful for clients to provide us with samples of their communications, so that we can focus on those issues which are most important to them.

Flexible help and support

We can tailor our service to meet your needs. For example, if an organisation is concerned about errors across its signage and marketing materials, we can conduct a communications audit to identify common issues – and then provide coaching around those. We can review typical communications within an industry sector and highlight issues created not just by your organisation – but also by others. This includes not only ‘hard mistakes’, but areas where incorrect grammar can create ambiguity.