Specialist text-vetting and proofreading, specifically for marketing communications teams

At best, poor grammar, ambiguous copy and spelling mistakes cost money, resulting in expensive reprints or even lost customers. At worst, such mistakes prejudice people against your organisation, damaging the brand in which you have invested so carefully.

Future Perfect can change all of that, by providing a specialist text-vetting and proofreading service, specifically for marketing communications teams.

This quality-control process is done in a way which fits easily into your workflow, with vetting usually undertaken in Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat.

Future Perfect vets many types of written communication:

  • annual reports
  • booklets
  • brochures and e-brochures
  • CVs
  • direct mail
  • leaflets
  • letters
  • mailers and e-mailers
  • menus
  • packaging
  • point-of-sale material
  • presentations
  • scripts
  • speeches
  • training material
  • Web sites

Future Perfect assesses text for grammar, spelling, syntax, consistency and meaning – not checking it just for spelling, as undertaken by conventional proofreaders.

In addition, Future Perfect examines the typographics of the piece, to ensure that proper typographical characters are used in the final design, as well as reducing visually distracting elements, such as rivers, widows and orphans.

The entire service is designed to do exactly what the rest of the production team is doing: helping to polish the text, so that it is as error-free as possible and communicates with the greatest clarity.

Future Perfect’s service is fast and responsive, aiming to be as flexible as possible.