Why agencies work with Future Perfect

As well as helping to eradicate errors, we can improve the quality and consistency of your copy significantly. Integrating text-vetting earlier in your workflow raises proofreading from the realms of ‘mistake-spotting’ to proactively enhancing the clarity of copy.

An added string to your ‘services bow’

  • Future Perfect’s level of expertise will help to set your agency apart from the pack.
  • Since every agency must proofread work, there is always a cost to this – even if that cost is hidden.
  • Usually, it will take a creative team member much longer to deliver less accurate results, whereas expert proofreading is our business.
  • Adding our services to your portfolio will be a differentiator for your agency – quality, clarity and consistency are something which all clients seek.

Your agency will:

  • save the time, cost and hassle of undertaking less accurate in-house proofreading.
  • gain extra time – creative teams and management are freed up to do what they do best, as greater production capacity is created by outsourcing this specialist task.
  • earn more – as a possible handling fee.
  • gain peace of mind – through Future Perfect criticising positively and privately, before publication, so that clients and readers will not do so negatively afterwards.
  • achieve quality assurance – making copy changes which can be professionally justified as really needed, rather than based on someone’s opinion.

Summary of benefits

  • raises communications knowledge/skills within the team – we’re always on hand to provide helpful advice, whenever it’s needed
  • raises consistency
  • improves your agency’s image and reduces the possibility of embarrassing slip-ups
  • better image for your clients
  • better end products for you
  • additional income for your agency