Why organisations work with Future Perfect

As well as helping to eradicate errors, we can improve the quality and consistency of your copy significantly. Integrating text-vetting earlier in your workflow raises proofreading from the realms of ‘mistake-spotting’ to proactively enhancing the clarity of copy.

Working with both your agency and your marketing team

  • Future Perfect’s services will raise the quality and consistency of your communications.
  • Since all marketing work must be proofread, there is always a cost to this – even if that cost is hidden. Usually, it will take one of your own (or your agency’s) team members much longer to deliver less accurate results, whereas expert proofreading is our business.
  • Frees up both you and your agency to focus on your areas of expertise.
  • Helps to apply corporate communications standards.

Your organisation will:

  • save the time, cost and hassle of undertaking less accurate in-house proofreading.
  • gain extra time – creative teams and management are freed up to do what they do best, as greater production capacity is created by outsourcing this specialist task.
  • gain peace of mind – through Future Perfect criticising positively and privately, before publication, so that others will not do so negatively afterwards.
  • achieve quality assurance – making copy changes which can be professionally justified as really needed, rather than based on someone’s opinion.

Summary of benefits

  • raises communications knowledge/skills within your marketing team and external agency – we’re always on hand to provide helpful advice, whenever it’s needed
  • improves your organisation’s image and reduces the possibility of embarrassing slip-ups
  • raises consistency